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washroom cleaning service

Looking for bathroom cleaning service ?

Why neat n clean for toilet cleaning services ?

Service Features 

Our Professional wears personal protective equipment (PPE) when cleaning restrooms Before Entering the Washroom According to Covid-19 Guidelines. We Start by applying disinfectant/sanitizer to all touch-points including toilets, urinals, sinks, faucets and handles and Completely Sanitizes Before and After Cleaning. We Do Extensive Dusting and garbage Removal from Washrooms and Toilets carefully without Damaging paint/enamel of walls or other Surfaces.

We inspect dust vents, tops of partitions and other high areas, and remove debris Followed by sweeping or mopping floors by using vacuum Cleaners.

We sweep floors and pick up large trash available in Washroom We Scrub Vertical Tiles and Remove Deep Penetrated Spots of Fluoride, Soap and Water Spots. After Cleaning vertical Tiles We Clean Commode/Toilet Seat Followed By Floor Tiles Cleaning. Finish cleaning/disinfecting toilets, urinals, sinks and other touch-points both inside and out. Give special attention to rinsing and drying toilet seats to reduce chance of injury from chemical burns. After Cleaning We Disinfect and Perfume the Washroom Thoroughly to Remove Bad Odors. and Rinse the Wash room with Water. 

Price List

1 Washroom
  • Floor and Tiles
  • Wash Basin
  • Toilet & Mirror
2 Washrooms
  • Floor and Tiles
  • Wash Basin
  • Toilet 7 Mirror
3 and Above
  • Floor and Tiles
  • Wash Basin
  • Toilet & Mirror

Keep your bathroom neat n clean with:

  • Experienced and well trained professionals
  • Advanced mechanized and 100% safe chemicals
  • Complete maintain hygiene
  • Affordable and reasonable prices

Why Need Washroom Deep Cleaning ?

Dirty or Unclean Washroom can be source of many illness and infections, that can be affect people of all ages. So We need to wiping our washroom surfaces daily and weekly deep cleaning to prevent illness and infections problems.

Washroom cleaning is also important for hygiene it stops the spreading of bacteria and germs from washroom to house corner. In fact it helps to reducing smells. Washroom cleaning should be one of  the important work of our daily routine to maintain all hygiene terms.