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ULV Fogging Machine

What does ULV Means?

ULV Stands for Ultra Low Volume, It Means this machine works on very Low Volume of Liquid. In Easy Words it Requires very Less Amount of Liquid to Spray Larger Spaces. It is Very Efficiend and Modern Technique.

ULV Foggers for Sanitization

Sanitization is a Process of Disinfecting Surfaces From Bacterias and Viruses. Conventionally Spray Technique is Used to Disinfect the Surfaces. Spray Technique Was In Efficient and Uneconomical. Sanitization By ULV Fogging is a Modern Technique which is Very Economical and Efficient. These ULV Foggers are Called Micro Foggers & Cold Foggers also

Technical Specification ULV Fogging Machine

  • Body & Tank Type : Stainless Steel & Fibre Body
  • Tank Capacity : 3 to 5 Litre of Chemical Storage Tank
  • Blower Motor Speed : 20000 to 25000 RPM Motor
  • Chemicals : Oil and Water Base Can Use
  • Fog Range : Visible fog, 10-20 feets
  • Input : 230V 50Hz Single Phase AC Supply
  • Net. Weight : 3 to 5 Kg ( Approx. )
  • Droplet Size – 0.5 to 10 Micron
  • Liquid Consumption – 100 ml to 200 ml Per Minute.

How to Use Fogging Machine

  1. Ensure All Electrical Connections are Working and Machine is Tested OK For Use.
  2. Open the Tank and add chemical/Liquid/solution to the tank.
  3. Fill Only 70% Capacity of the Tank, Keep Tank 30% Empty.
  4. Close/Air Tight the Screw of the Tank Properly to Safe From Spill Over
  5. Plug the fogger power cord into a grounded power outlet.
  6. Hold it Tightly From Both the Hands, Right Hand at Top and Left Hand at Bottom
  7. Adjust the angle of the fogger power head for the space you are Sanitizing
  8. Ensure that at the Time of Fogging Liquid is Continuously Coming out of its Head
  9. Confirm the flow control valve is set to desired setting, and turn on the fogger.
  10. Don’t Heat Up Machine Continuously, Run Only 10 Minutes at a Time.

Practical Video of Sanitization By ULV Fogging Machine

Comparision Between Spray and Fogging

Sprays are cheaper and Foggers are Costly in Price.

After spray Cleaning is required because water spills on floor and on surfaces, after fogging no cleaning is required.

At electronics item spray can not be done  , fogging can be done anywhere.rger areas spray is not convenient it takes time and lot of liquid, fogger is is very fast and very less amount of liquid is required.

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