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Sanitization Services in Mumbai

Disinfection & Sanitization Services in Mumbai

Residential Sanitization

In Home Sanitization Service, We Sanitize Each and Every Corner of the House. We Disinfect Rooms, Kitchen, Toilets. Balconies, Furniture, Garage, Open Space, Roof & Terrace.  

We are Easy to Find in Your City Just Search Sanitization Service near me and you will See Our Visibility in Website Results. This Pandemic We are Working to Keep You and Your Family Safe From Covid-19 By Our Exclusive Sanitization and Disinfection Services.

Sanitization Services in Jaipur

Commercial Sanitization

We Provide Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services In Office, shops, Banks and govt Buildings. We Do Full Office Fogging & Sanitizing Including Surface, Furniture, Toilets, Lobby and Cabins.

Our Professional Service Sanitizes Complete Building on Affordable Prices. Our Service is Reliable & Trustable across Industries. Our Exclusive Services are available for all type of Industries Including IT Companies, Factories, Hospitals, Govt. Buildings and Residential Colonies and Apartments.

Residential Sanitization

Flats. Apartmants Independent Houses
1000 Min. Charges
  • 1BHK - 1000 Rs.
  • 2BHK - 1250 Rs.
  • 3BHK - 1500 Rs.
  • Other - 1 Rs. Per Sq Feet

Commercial Sanitization

Factories, Office and Commercial spaces
2500 Min. Charge
  • Upto 5000 Sq Feet - 1 Rs./Sq Ft
  • 5001 to 10000 Sq Feet - 0.80 Rs./Sq Ft
  • 10001 to 25000 Sq Feet - 0.70 Rs./Sq Ft.
  • Above 25000 - 0.60 Rs./Sq Ft