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Need Of Water Tank Cleaning in Covid-19 Era

In covid-19 everybody is Suffered with the bad effect of of this colleges offices buildings corporate offices industries everybody is so badly affected.

Service industry is badly affected because people started restricting their movement. As other businesses were getting losses their purchasing capacity got down it badly affected service industry including cleaning housekeeping and other service Business.

Here we are going to talk about effect of covid-19 on water tank cleaning business. After covid-19 visiting of service person at buildings restricted due to restrictions. People started not calling to water tank cleaning people at their home houses and buildings in fear of getting infection from outsiders.

In results there underground water tank and their overhead water tanks are getting dirty day by day it is giving so bad impact on the quality of water what they are using. This causing water borne diseases and it has been found that after covid-19 the water borne diseases and the skin diseases which happens due to contact of water as sharply increased

What is the solution for that.

The solution of this problem is to analyse the condition of water in your water tanks.whether it is residential or commercial tank at least go once in a quarter and analyse dirtiness of your tanks. If your tanks are so dirty then call to local working professionals for water tank cleaning and allowed them to clean your water tank so that you can have good and fresh water.

Precaution to be taken during water tank cleaning

Call well known local water tank cleaning business.

Tell them to use proper personal protective equipment so that no spread of infection during cleaning.

Tell them to use machinery at the time of cleaning wherever and whenever it is required.

Whatever the deposited dust and dirt is extracted from your tanks tell them to throw far from your building.

Tell them not to use any harmful chemical during training.

After cleaning tell them to properly close the cover of of your underground tanks and overhead tanks.

Sanitization Of Water Tanks

Nowadays sanitization of water tanks has been started by some cleaning professionals. After cleaning you should call a company who do sanitization for better double protection. Tell the standardization company also to use food grade chemicals only. Generally water tank are sanitized from sodium hypochlorite.

What is sodium hypochlorite

sodium hypochlorite is a chlorine based chemical which is generally used for household sanitization wherever direct human interface is not there. It is used to clean water and sanitize water tanks. Its concentration is 0.5 to 1% when it is used to sanitize the water tanks inner surfaces. More than 1% will cause skin irritation and eyes irritation when in contact.Use personal protective equipments when sanitize water tanks.

Precautions after cleaning

After cleaning the covers properly and make it air tight. At least open your water tank covers once in a month and see the status of deposits in the tanks. If it is required cleaning call the Cleaning People.

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