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How to Use Drainex Powder

Drainex Power is Used to Remove Small and Mild Blockages only 50% Blockages are resolved by this. Powder COnsist of small bits of aluminum which reacts with caustic soda to produce hydrogen,

Procedures of Drainage Cleaning By Drainex Powder

  1. Remove all the things above and nearby Drain Opening.
  2. Soak all Water/Waste Water BY Vacuum Cleaner or Manually.
  3. Put Drainex Powder in the Drain and Close the Drain For 4 Hours.
  4. Don’t Put Water After Putting Drainex Powder in the Drain.
  5. After 4 Hours Put Water in Drain Line, the Drain will Open and Sludge will Flow through the Pipe
  6. if it is Not Cleared the Repeat the Process by Increasing the Quantity of Drainex Powder and Increase the Holding time.

If Not Cleared By Drainex Powder

If Not Cleared then Contact to any Professional Drainage Cleaning Company.