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How to Start Sofa Cleaning Business

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A Business Can Start within 10000 Rs. Only

Are you Unemployed or thinking of Starting Side Income, but don’t have Investment or money to start a Business. Earn min. 10,000 Rs. Per Month by Investing only 10,000 Rs. without Making any Loss. This is a Business any one can Start From anywhere in the World.

Yes We are Talking about upholstery Cleaning Business. with the Same Machinery and Equipment you Can Start these Following Services within 10000 Rs. Only.

  • Sofa Dry Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Chair Dry Cleaning
  • Mattress Dry Cleaning
  • Car Seat and Interior Cleaning

What is Upholstery?

Upholstery is a Type of furniture especially seats with padding, springs, webbing and fabric or leather covers.

Applicable to domestic, automobile, air plane and boat furniture and can be applied to mattress. Some Non Commercial Names of Upholstery are Sofa, Carpet, Car Seats, Chairs, Dinning Chairs, Chair with Cushions etc. .

Why Upholstery Get Dirty ?

Upholstery gets dirty because it is used Daily and not Cleaned frequently. People Keep  them at Dining Rooms and Comman Halls where everybody Use it.

Plenty of  Dust, pollen, pet odors, food odors and others bothersome issues make furniture and upholstery look worn and unappealing.

It gets dirty nad Dirty Upholstery cannot be cleaned at home. Professional Techniques and Equipments are required to clean it.

Why It is in Demand Everywhere

It is demanded Everywhere Because If it is cleaned at Home It Deteriorated its Property and Structure. It’s Life get shorten if it is not cleaned properly by a professional.

It is demanded by homes, shops, showroom, offices and hotels and Industries. 

Resources Required to Start this Business

  1. Certificate or incorporation / Business license / Business Email , Business Number , Business Address
    2-Vacuum cleaner , Portable rug cleaner or brush , Carpet brush , Chemicals and a Team for |Performing Orders
  2. Bags To Carry All Material
  3. Vehicle Two wheeler / Four Wheeler
  4. Marketing Material – Visiting Card, Broucher, Pamphlets etc

Anyone can start this business is not terribly expensive to get into once you have necessary equipment, insurance and supplies. You are ready to roll.Upholstery business a profitable business

You don’t need any fancy qualification or previous experience.

No need for big budget.

Your Manpower as a upholstery cleaning team depends on the scale at you operate, if we operate on small scale you will only be the one running the business but if you want to expand it. You need employees.


Inspection of Sofa fabric will include the Followings.

  1.  How Many Seats of Sofa it
  2. Type of Fabric
  3. How dirty it is
  4. Types of Dirty Spots
  5. Rate Confirmation from Customer
  6. Discussion about unresolvable Spots
  7. Where (Space) to Clean Sofa


Remove All Goods and Sophisticated Accessories nearby Sofa.

(Before Cleaning) Clean the nearby Area where the sofa is to be cleaned.

Remove All Cushions, Seats (if Removable), sofa Cover.


  1. Take out the Vacuum Cleaner from Bag.
  2. Install vacuum Cleaner (Fix Electricity, Pipe, and Vacuum Cleaner Wheels)
  3. Clean the Vacuum Bucket (Dry and Wet) Before Use
  4. Check Dust Bag properly set in the Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Close Properly to Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Install Corner Suction Socket to Vacuum Pipe and Suck the Dust of Each and Every Corner of Sofa first.
  7. Install Medium Size Nozzle Socket and Suck the Sofa’s Dust at every inch.
  8. Dry Vacuuming of Cushions and Seats.


  • ·         Inspect Type of Dirty Spots on Sofa
  • ·         Oily Spots
  • ·         Ink Spot
  • ·         Nail Polish, Lipstick
  • ·         Dry Color
  • ·         Blood Stains
  • ·         Tea and Coffee Spots
  • ·         Spots of Dirty Water
  • ·         Toilet Spots Kids & Pets
  • ·         Spots for Soft Drinks and Hard Drinks
  • ·         Food and Snacks Spots
  • ·         Corrosion Spots
  • ·         Anonymous Spots

Wet Cleaning

  1. Take a Bucket / Sprayer and Fill 2 Litter of Water
  2. Add Industrial Cleaning Chemical and Mix it properly
  3. Wear Hand Gloves Properly
  4. Apply Chemical by Sponge/Sprayer
  5. Scrub it properly (Manually / Electric Scrubber)
  6. Scrub Firmly on Dirty Spots
  7. Try to Make Good Foam by scrubbing to make Client’s Eyes Catchy.


  1. Take   Out Vacuum’s Dust Bag.
  2. Install Small Wiper Nozzle
  3. Suck All Dirty Foam, Chemical, and Water Spill Over sofa
  4. Suck All Chemical Properly.

Drying Sofa

  • Take out the Blower and Dry the Sofa Properly.

Final Inspection 

If you Need More Info on Cleaning Business Kindly Visit Our Website and Keep Reading Our Blogs.

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