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Carpet cleaning service in Mumbai

Professional carpet dry cleaning In Mumbai

We provide Carpet dry cleaning  services in Mumbai and its localities like: Juhu, Bandra, Worli , Andheri, Borivali, Malad, Powai, Vasai, Vikhroli, Nahur, Parel, Thane and all.

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carpet cleaning by neat n clean

How often should you clean carpet?

It depends on your lifestyle and Your Use. If you have Pets and Small Kids at Home, it is benefited, if you vacuum Your Sofa Twice in a Month. If Your Sofa is in Lounge, Waiting Area or at any Commercial Area where Everyday Footfall is High, It is recommended vacuuming once in a Week. Sofa Scrubbing is Suggested Twice in a Year for Home and Residential Area. For restaurants, Hotels and Commercial Buildings it is Suggested Sofa Cleaning Including Scrubbing every Quarter.

Why upholstery cleaning is important?

Upholstery Cleaning Including carpet, Sofa, Chairs, Curtains, Couches is so Important Due to Three Main Reasons and those are: Appearance, Health and Air Quality

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance of Sofa will Not Only Increase the Life of the Furniture but also Increase the Appearance over the Period of Time. Regular Cleaning will prevent the Build-up of dust and grime. Instead of spending Thousands of Rupees on Replacing the Furniture, you will be so surprised that by Cleaning and Maintenance you cannot even Save Money but also Maintain You Furniture Long Lasting.

Sofa is a Type of Furniture we keep in Middle of Room, So that every family Member Can Access it for Taking Rest and Keep Their Back Relax. Frequent use of Sofa by Family Member and Guests it Develops Fleas, mold, bacteria and pathogens and It is Very Dangerous for Human Health. Without regular cleanings, pathogens and dirt can cause High level of health risks to your family. Bacteria that Entered into your upholstery often causes unpleasant and Very Bad odors. Coughing and sneezing and more exposure from overstay welcome, allergens, dirt, and bacteria.

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